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Jan 27, 2013 12:30pm PST
the document. she kept urging members of congress to read that part of the document. and lastly, this is the first round of 2016, and it was obvious >> colby talking about demagoguery. that clip is the ultimate in demagoguery. at the end she says, our job is to find out what happened. well, to find out what happened, you have to know whether this was a spontaneous, 1-off denstration gone awry, or was in the leading edge of a resurgence of al qaeda in north africa, which would later impact mali and create dead americans and others in algeria. that is the essence of finding out what happened. yet, in the have second before she says, what difference does it make if it was a spontaneous demonstration or something else? that is a complete contradiction. there is not anybody that pointed it out. the essence of what happened is, is this a resurgence of al qaeda, and w is that the administration went weeks and weeks with attending it had to do with a video, when there was no demonstration in the first place? >> if i am not mistaken, the president, the next day, did say it was an act of terror
Jan 18, 2013 8:30pm EST
love this kind of violence. i agree with you. lastly, the elimination of guns. i think the only weaken over it achieve anything is the way australia did. 1996, they had a massacre, and confiscated the guns, and there were none. that cannot be done. you cannot do it in this country with its history, culture, and second amendment. >> the problem is, if you cannot do everything, you do nothing. that is not what you are looking for. we are not go to confiscate all guns in the united states. >> that will have no affect. >> that is not true. >> i would point this out of tobacco. when i was in the marine corps, a carton of lucky strikes was $2 for 10 packs. now it is $9 a pack. it was not just simply the culture. they put a cost on it. we ought to put a cost on ammunition. we ought to put a tax on that. bullets ought to be prohibitively expensive. >> a well regulated militia to keep the security of the people, to keep and bear arms. does that speak to the right of securing the nation through a well regulated defense establishment, or does it greenlight some guy in new york to out his g
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)